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Boer Group focuses on innovation in textile recycling because recycling materials is the future.

Resource Provider of the Future

Driven to constant improvement, we are continually working on sustainable ways to reduce residual textile waste to a minimum and find better solutions to keep textiles in the cycle. With this goal in mind, we launched Boer Group Recycling Solutions (BGRS) in 2015 and provide financial and technical support to promising projects that develop new textile recycling methods. Today we are working on many projects along our value chain. For this, the improvement of automated sorting and the preparation of textile waste for the specific recycling technologies is  key for us. Over the last years, our recycling company Frankenhuis has been developed into an expert in open and closed-loop recycling aiming at choosing the best path for each individual textile waste stream.

Working with next generation fibers
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The engines of our innovations

Boer Group Recycling Solutions

BGRS is a platform for innovative developments in textile recycling by supporting promising research projects and collaborating with all relevant stakeholders.

Fashion to Fiber

Fashion to Fiber is your route to the textile cycle. We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions for the collection of old clothes, returns and unsold goods and help you to meet your responsibilities as a manufacturer.

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As a mechanical recycler, Frankenhuis turns textile waste into high value for closed-loop recycling.

Made Out Of Trash

MOOT - Made Out Of Trash turns textile waste into new, fair mainstream clothing in Berlin.


Umucu is a platform focused on the collection of discarded textiles in global reuse countries processing them into valuable raw materials for textile recycling.