Circularity is our approach, the game changer for generations to come.

Our mission

We strive to tailor the way towards a full circular textile industry by increasing the amount of textiles to be reused and ensuring through innovation that textiles are processed into new raw materials.

2nd generation working at Boer Group in following his father
Teamleader at Gebotex

Sustainable Development Goals

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up in 2015 by the United Nations pursue the objective to make the world fairer, healthier, more peaceful and more social. With our business we are going to exert the highest impact on these four goals and shape our actions all around them to contribute to a positive global impact.

People, Planet, Profit

Sustainable entrepreneurship always means keeping an eye on the balance between economic, ecological and social aspects - conserving resources, treating and promoting employees properly and still being able to grow as a company though.

Emile & Christine
2 generations working at Boer Group
Managers at Curitas Belgium & Evadam


Employees are the foundation of Boer Group. With a focus on health, well-being and safety, we invest in sustainable human resource policies. The creation of decent jobs and the protection of workers' rights as well as the promotion of a safe working environment for all of our employees are given top priority. This results in long-standing employments, also across generations, aiming at professional promotion towards leading positions in the organizations.


Circularity is our approach. We are pursuing an active corporate policy to achieve measurable top-quality results by reducing environmental impact. We are aiming to efficiently use natural resources. We are striving for the improvement of global resource efficiency in consumption and production by substantially reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.  


We achieve a higher level of economic productivity through the diversification of our companies. Next to that our subsidiaries benefit from collaboration and exchange within the Group. The Group orientation allows us to invest in innovative solutions to make the textile industry circular. We are pleased to maintain many long-term relationships with our clients. Consequently, we continuously support these entrepreneurs and create new business opportunities together with them.

Every day Boer Group ensures

400000 kilo less waste / per day
2000 (in)direct jobs worldwide
1372000 kilo CO2 reduction* / per day

*  kilo CO2 reduction (based on 3,43 CO2 reduction per kg re-used textile: source CE Delft and tot. BG production of 400t/day)