As a family business, tradition is the basis of our actions.

The Family

For more than 100 years, we are successfully running the business as a family. Our family originates from Rotterdam which is reflected in our family values: sociability, reliability, being down-to-earth, hands-on and no-nonsense.   

As a family we have a strong commitment to our employees. We are respectful and loyal, always being transparent to our working methods. In our work we retain a realistic view keeping in mind that if you want to achieve something, you should roll up your sleeves and get it started. The best way to move forward is by just doing it.   

The Group

Boer Group teams up the strength of our companies and partner companies within one Group. All Boer Group companies share the same values and follow the same mission. The aim of any of our expansions is to further strengthen the Group activities to close the textile loop. In doing so the Group generates organic growth from within.

The Brand

The family is the core of the Group. As a family business, you think more long-term and sustainable. Together with the family's traditional values and attitudes, the Group's innovative and networking power builds up the brand, the essence of our actions. Boer Group, as a brand, stands for trust and consistency.  

Our History

1st generation: late 1890s

Dirk Boer – laying the foundation

2nd generation: 1920s-1940s

Gerrit I Boer – expanding trade

3rd generation: 1940s – 1980

Gerrit II Boer - establishing trade in textile

4th generation: 1980-1987

Gerrit III Boer

4th generation: 1987-2015

Marinus Boer - expanding & acquisitions

5th generation: 2015-now

Jorik Boer - optimizing & circularity